New for 2018: PYB Umpiring Opportunity

Umpires Needed

Pacer Youth Baseball, in partnership with the West Linn Baseball Association, is now recruiting Lakeridge area teens (ages 12-18) and older adults to be umpires for our youth baseball games this spring. If you are interested in umpiring and making some extra money along the way (up to $100 or more per week), please contact our umpire coordinator via email at to register. See below for FAQ and details on the classroom/field training.

Classroom Training and Field Clinics

The classroom training will be held by the West Linn Baseball Association. All new and returning umpires must attend one classroom training. All new umpires must attend one field clinic as well.

2018 Classroom Training Sessions (all umpires must attend just one classroom training)

Location: The West Linn Police Station Community Room (1800 8th Ave. West Linn)

The classroom training dates are as follows:

Wed Feb 7th 6P-830P
Mon Feb 12th 6P-830P
Mon Feb 26th 6P-830P
Wed Feb 28th 6P-830P

*** Make up classroom training added : March 11th from 10am - noon

2018 Field Clinic Sessions (new umpires must attend just one clinic)

Location : Oppenlader Turf Field (1275 Roesmont Rd, West Linn)

The field clinic dates are as follows:

Sun Mar 4th 12-2
Sat Mar 10th 12-2

Please email Tony Opferman at with any questions you may have.

Thank you very much, and we'll see you on the field!

- Pacer Youth Baseball

Umpiring FAQ

Umpiring FAQ

1. How old do I have to be to umpire?

Teenagers ages 12 - 18 may sign up. Older adults are also welcome to sign up.

2. What sort of training do I need?

All umpires will be trained and managed by staff from the West Linn Baseball Association. Training involves one quick classroom session and one field session in the West Linn area. Staff will teach the basic skills to become an umpire, and rule books and additional educational materials will be provided for further reading and reference.

These sessions will occur at the end of February and beginning of March.

3. How much will I get paid?

All new young umpires (ages 12-18) will start by working games at the Cal Ripken MINORS division and will be paid approximately $30 per game for working behind the plate and $20 per game working the bases on the field. Older adult umpires will be paid more depending on prior experience and the various baseball divisions they will cover.

(Note: West Linn staff use a very streamlined on-line scheduling and billing system, with payments distributed by bank transfer every 2 weeks.)

4. Are there limitations to how many games I can umpire?

No. You can umpire as many games as you want during the week and on weekends. Your only limitation is making sure you can arrive on time and be present for a full game.

5. What if I have unique scheduling needs?

Lakeridge staff will provide a Schedule Request Form to all interested candidates. Game assignments are managed by the Lakeridge umpire coordinator using a very flexible on-line scheduling system. All umpires will have the flexibility to use this on-line system to choose which days and times they want, and every effort will be made to accommodate as many requested assignments as possible.

6. Where do games take place and when?

Umpires will be needed primarily for our home games in Lake Oswego at one of our three field locations (Lakeridge Jr. High, George Rogers Park, and Waluga Park). It is possible umpires will be needed for an occasional game in West Linn.

The spring baseball season is approximately 11 weeks long with games scheduled to occur from late March through May. There will be an option for umpiring summer tournaments as well. Spring games will be held on weekdays in the late afternoon and during the day on Saturdays. There will be no games over Spring Break or on Sundays. A typical game would require about 2.0-2.5 hours of umpiring time.

6. What equipment or clothes do I need?

In terms of uniforms, kids umpiring at the MINORS level will be responsible for having their own grey/black shorts or pants, but PYB will pay for the required umpiring shirts and hats. Shirts and hats can be ordered right at the training sessions.

All male umpires who work the plate are required to wear a protective cup. Also, all protective umpiring equipment (mask, chest protector, shin guards) will be provided by PYB and kept at field locations. However, this equipment will be "youth" sized, so older adult umpires will need to procure their own protective equipment. Other equipment that is suggested is a ball-strike indicator and ball bag.

7. How do I sign up?

Send an email with your contact information to the Lakeridge umpire coordinator at and he will respond to you shortly.