Backward Baseball Hats

We know this can be a touchy subject for some of us, but we feel it's necessary to address.

Out of respect for all Lakeridge Pacer Athletic Groups, we'd like to mention that:

"There are traditions in baseball. Wearing the baseball hat properly is one of them."


The baseball hat was first worn by the Brooklyn Excelsiors in 1860 to help block the sun from the players' eyes. In today's baseball... it is still worn to help block the sun from players' eyes. So, unless you are a catcher, an umpire, or perhaps a coach that is engaged in a heated discussion with the umpire, wearing a baseball cap backwards can be considered an (unspoken) disrespectful misrepresentation of baseball.

By mentioning this, we are not intending to dictate how you wear all of your ball-caps outside of Lakeridge Pacer athletic events. But we encourage that while you are representing Lakeridge Pacers, whether at home-games, away-games or at practices, please show your Pacer Pride by wearing your baseball hats respectfully.

...and please encourage your young players to wear it right and wear it proud, just as we require our coaches and volunteers to do the same.

"If you are wearing a rounded bill that faces forward, you're wearing it properly. You don't need to bend it all crazy, its purpose is just to keep the sun out of your eyes." ~ Anonymous

Check out some of our MLB players - No flat bills or backwards hats here!