Coach Resource Coordinator Job Description

Coach Resource Coordinator is a PYB Council Member position that is responsible for assembling and distributing "PYB Board-approved" literature related to coaching resources, not limited to coaching manuals and other information that The PYB Board deems necessary for all coaches to obtain.

This Council position involves:

  • Researching proposed literature as The Board requests

  • Researching printability, i.e. copyright, or any other distribution restrictions

  • Researching best printing options

  • Submitting proposed expenses to The Board for approval

  • Having materials printed, bound and ready for distribution

  • Defining and Executing best distribution methods

  • Meeting distribution time-frames

  • Tracking/documenting of material distribution to coaches (Excel spreadsheet recommended)

  • Sending the tracking documentation to The President

  • Collaborating with other Board and Council Members to resolve issues and reach agreements

  • Attend necessary board meetings (more than likely, only 1-2 necessary meetings per year)

The approved Coaches' Training:

As of July 19, 2015, PYB Board approved the use of The Ripkin Way, a Cal Ripkin guide for those coaching youth baseball players within the Cal Ripkin Baseball League. It is the intention that all PYB coaches and assistant coaches have copies of the portions of the manual that relate to the age group they are coaching (determined by The Board).

Contact PYB President for the RIPKIN WAY website, username and password.