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PYB exists only because you volunteered!

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All Board and Council positions are volunteer positions.

Any OPEN positions are in red. Click on the title, then email the person currently holding that position, or if you are interested in any open positions, simply click the title and you will be able to draft an email message to the President and Volunteers Coordinator.

(Updated October 25, 2015)

-------- BOARD --------
President David Williams
Treasurer Derrick Coder
Registration Director and Information Sarah Ehinger
Scheduling Director OPEN
League Commissioner Blake Bishop
Director of Baseball Operations Brian Dunn
Community Relations Director Kari Curry

-------- COUNCIL --------
Volunteers Coordinator Kari Curry
Sponsorship Coordinator Marcy Larsson
Opening Day & Fundraising Coordinator Kari Curry
High School Program Director Marco Tavera
Tee-Ball Commissioner Russ Gold
Sluggers Commissioner Joe Bayless
Rookies Commissioner Yoshi Ehinger
Cal Ripkin Minors Commissioner Brian Gerritz
Cal Ripkin Majors Commissioner Jim Champion
JBO Seniors Commissioner Chris Taylor
Summer Ball Commissioner Tim Tragesser
Fall Ball Commissioner Brian Dunn
Player Agent Chris Waehrer
Safety/Rules/Regulations Coordinator Molli Barss
Coach Resource Coordinator Mike & Jennifer Napierala
Clinics/Training Coordinator David Barss
Equipment Coordinator Chris Rust
Umpire Coordinator Anthony Opferman
Fields & Facilities Coordinator
Uniforms Coordinator Marcy Larsson & Kari Curry
Tournament Coordinator Chris Taylor
Snack Shack Committee

If you are unsure who in the organization is best fitted to answer your specific question, please check this page.

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