Job Descriptions

Umpire Coordinator -
serve as liaison between PYB scheduler(s) and the umpire service (currently Sports Umpires Association--
-submit home game schedules/locations to SUA for Minors, Majors and Seniors level spring games.
-serve as the point-person for SUA and PYB when there are scheduling changes, location changes, rainouts, etc. Facilitate communication between PYB and SUA.
-monitor the ump schedule on a weekly basis, using, to make sure SUA's schedule matches with ours (sometimes they make errors)
-assist in scheduling any additional summer all-star games with SUA
-assist PYB treasurer in reviewing SUA invoices and making sure we received all services on the invoices
-attend PYB Board & Council meetings. We have been doing these monthly on Sunday evenings from 6-8. Sometimes we'll meet as a Board only and give the council a break, so it would probably be in the neighborhood of 6 meetings/year.


  • Update the content of the site as necessary to keep information current. Other board/council members will provide direction and text on for this.

  • Build additional pages/content as appropriate. Example: consider adding a page to describe Fall Ball. Other board/council members will help by providing the text for some of this.

  • Add events to the Calendar. These will be submitted to you by other board/council members.

  • Add Announcements to the homepage announcement widget. These will also be submitted to you.

  • Post new photos and news and pull down old ones during active seasons-mainly spring and summer. These will be submitted to you.

  • Learn how to use the Schedules and Standings pages for the spring season. Help keep Standings up-to-date by uploading scores submitted by coaches.

  • Utilize Bonzi University help site, tutorials, and weekly webinars as you like to build your skills and add functionality to the website.

Expected commitment: 2-4 hours/month during off season, up to 1 hour/week during the spring

Sponsorship Coordinator

  • Contact sponsors from the last 2-3 years and request their participation for the upcoming spring season

  • Identify, prioritize and contact new potential donors for sponsorship

  • Work with registrar to see if anyone indicated sponsorship follow-up when they registered their player using Bonzi.

  • Complete sponsorship form with donor and collect donation

  • Compile information on all sponsors and communicate it to PYB uniform coordinator and/or Hometown Sports in timely manner so all sponsor names can be embroidered on hats

  • Collect electronic files of sponsor logos for PYB website

  • Offer all sponsors a table or space at a shared table at Opening Day to promote their businesses

  • Send a letter of thanks to each sponsor (informal photo of team they sponsored or equipment they helped us purchase when possible?)

  • During off season and/or leading up to spring, approach potential sponsors to support a specific need, such as outfield fencing


Pacer Youth Baseball does fundraising every year through offering sponsorship opportunities. Historically there were 2 levels of sponsorship: (1) opening day sponsor, $300 or (2) seasonal sponsor, $500. Response for seasonal sponsorship has not been high, so the focus has been on $300 asks with some donors sponsoring multiple teams if they wanted to give more.


A representative from Dick's will work with our sponsorship coordinator directly on their sponsorship. They give both merchandise and money - depending upon what the board (in particular the equipment guys) thinks we need that year. Our total amount is based upon how well the shop day went the year before. It's really important to push the shop day and the coupons to families. The more money Dick's takes in from our Pacer families on those days, the more money our program gets. Hometown Sports usually puts a credit on our bill for their sponsorship. This needs to be communicated to the treasurer as things tend to get a bit hectic in uniform ordering. Championship Photographers, who has done team photos at Opening Day the last few years, has also been a big sponsor.

The best example of these sponsorship differences is the Lion's club. They were an opening day sponsor but when I looked at their history they gave more money than a seasonal sponsor would typically give. It didn't make sense to me. So I changed it to just one sponsorship, one minimum amount. And tried to simplify it. As a result, the Lion's club was tickled to have their names on a team hat and have since increased their donation. This last year they sponsored two teams instead of one. Well... it also helps that I promised them that there wouldn't be any competition at opening day for food. They like to be the only lunch place in town that day.

I work with the photographer I chose to use. Other photographers certainly can be considered, Tom Triek who owns Championship Images was referred to us by Ray at Hometown. He's a retired Oregonian photographer and super nice. He's very flexible considering the details that need to happen and has even gone to games to get a team's picture when they couldn't get to Opening Day. (Last year he had to photoshop a girl into a picture from the softball I know that you aren't taking on Opening Day, but I tell you this because he is also one of our most generous givers. He gives anywhere from $1000-$1500 a season.

I wouldn't promise the sponsors a team picture or anything like that. We just haven't been able to deliver on it. The season is just about up when the pics come in. That's a bit of a logistical struggle with Championship Images.

Commissioner Positions:







Fall Ball

Summer Ball

Each commissioner will be responsible for team formation and rostering at his/her level, using Bonzi to complete these tasks. Training for Bonzi will be provided by the Director of Commissioners (or by a Bonzi webinar) prior to this time. Duties include:

  • Fielding questions from parents during the Registration period and tracking special requests, honoring them when possible but not promising to do so.

  • Working with the Coaching Coordinator and Director of Commissioners to determine the number of teams needed at each level and identify head and assistant coaches.

  • Assist with Evaluation days.

  • For Minors and Majors commissioners, assist Player Agent with draft process.

  • For Seniors commissioner, organize and assist with try-out and team formation.

  • Create teams in Bonzi system.

  • Roster players to teams in Bonzi system.

  • Generate final rosters and email to coaches in a timely manner

Each commissioner is the contact and support person for the coaches at that level. The commissioner should be the primary individual to help coaches set up their teams, including:

  • emailing their team rosters

  • helping them organize their practice schedules

  • helping with game schedules as needed

  • connecting them with their equipment and uniforms

  • connecting them with picture day forms and anything else they need for Opening Day

  • serving as a resource for designing practice plans, managing parent complaints, managing challenging players

Opening Day Coordinator

Main Duties

  • The primary goal for Opening Day is to provide a fun, spirited kick-off event for the start of the PYB spring season that celebrates our players, sponsors, and volunteers

  • The Opening Day coordinator should assemble a committee to assist with organizing and implementing the event (consider assigning specific duties, such as a volunteer coordinator for the day, or liaison to the photographer)

  • The coordinator will work closely with PYB Scheduling and Fundraising/Sponsorship, who also play key roles

  • Hand out photography order packet to teams/coaches a week or so before Opening Day. Tom will coordinate a convenient pick up time and place for you to get the packets from him. Softball packets are typically left in their storage unit behind the main softball field (Waluga). Communicate with the softball liaison for that. Try to organize baseball team distribution around a coaches meeting, give to commissioners or just find each team at the various schools and days during their scheduled practice time.

  • When team pictures are done - pick up pictures from Tom and organize distribution of picture packets to coaches.

  • Organize team photos for Opening Day: Tom Triek, who owns Championship Images, was referred to us by Ray at Hometown. He's a retired Oregonian photographer and super nice. He's very flexible considering the details that need to happen and has even gone to games to get a team's picture when they couldn't get to Opening Day. He is also one of our most generous Sponsors--he gives anywhere from $1000-$1500 a season.

Schedule baseball and softball photography schedule after receiving the game schedule for the day. Photography takes 15 min. and the photographer would like them there 15 min early. So the ideal time for each team to be scheduled is 90 min before their game to ensure 30 min for photography and 60 min for warm up. Younger players can be scheduled to be photographed closer to their games as they don't usually take 60 min to warm up.

It is VITAL that teams show up for their scheduled time and if they are not able, they need to communicate with the coordinator. Championship Images donation to the program is based upon the volume that we guarantee him on opening day. He also hires extra labor that day to help expedite a very busy day. His money for that labor is wasted if our teams do not show. Softball is extremely problematic with this issue. This message needs to be reiterated to the coaches. We had four no shows last year, all higher level, and that was disappointing to Tom and to the coordinator.

Tom is also available to show up before a game to take a team photo. He is very flexible and willing to give us his time in this way when necessary.

  • Work with the L.O. Lions Club to provide BBQ lunch (they prefer to be the only lunch vendor there-that was the agreement last year). They are also generous Sponsors. Contact person: (Kelle to provide)

  • Work with Lakeridge Junior High to secure location on Opening Day, request use of tables/chairs - the janitor will put them in the storage area that has the big orange garage door. Obtain key from the school the Friday before the event. Typically I ask for: three garbage cans, 5-6 tables and about 30 chairs.

  • Order Port-A-Potty - Look at invoice from last year. In previous years we have ordered two. One in sufficient

  • Order a large garbage container to be delivered - look at invoice from last year to get information on what was ordered.

Garbage and port a potty are delivered the Friday before the event. Typically I go and make sure that the school knows (the PE teacher HATES this and will be vocal and make her kids move the things that are delivered, good communication with her is helpful.) I also use chalk and draw big boxes where I would like the things delivered. Both things are easy to move around if necessary.

The bouncy house gets delivered very early in the morning. Last year I got there at 7:30am and it was already set up and the people were gone. You can also flag off an area in the grass that you would like them to set up.

  • Buy supplies for a snack table, determine pricing, get volunteers to do shifts during Opening Day (last year there were many candies for 25 cents, Gatorades, water, coffee/tea/cocoa, chips, etc). Also bring garbage bag liners, napkins, misc paper, pen, duct tape. 10x10 tents are nice for rainy or sunny weather.

  • Coordinate with treasurer to receive two petty cash banks. Treasurer has two cash boxes that have been used when we were also selling merchandise. One is probably now sufficient but needs to be significant with lots of small bills and coins. Bouncy house also shares cash box with concession stand. Credit cards (using the square) have also previously been accepted. The challenge with credit cards is one phone/table has to stay at the table all day. Logistically it is challenging to use during the day but super easy to set up.

Typically, I just handed the cash box to the treasurer at the end of the day. I don't count it or record it. I let him do that and also handed him over the bills and my reimbursements.

  • Work with the current Sponsors to set up tables if they want to attend and have a display or display any items for them on a joint Sponsor table

  • Order/transport/set up bouncy house and/or other games and entertainment and get volunteers to do shifts (Ask Greg to look at the invoice for the company that we used last year- they were great to work with and had competitive pricing.) It is necessary to rent a generator. Plugging in to the only outlet that we have available (by the spot lights) blows the circuit.

  • Enlist volunteers for set-up and clean-up (for all the various volunteer roles, a single Sign-Up Genius or similar can be used) - encourage older kids to work the concession stand. They love it, and parents typically come to help them.

  • Work with Hometown so they can display spirit wear and equipment and sell at Opening Day

  • Consider including new vendors? Coffee in the AM? Snow cones or Ben & Jerry's truck in the PM? Other?

Coffee is greatly appreciated by parents. I have not been successful in finding any coffee shop (I've tried about a dozen in the LO area) that would be interested in setting something up for the morning. Logistics are challenging. Last year I borrowed pump pots from my church, and I set up a coffee station using the only plug in by the large overhead lights. I bought "to-go" cups and all the creamers, etc. I also bought tea, cider and hot cocoa. I ran water through the coffee maker I brought with me in between pots of coffee to create hot water for the tea/cocoa/cider . The whole thing was labor intensive but it was appreciated. I went through all the water I brought with me, and realized my key I had from the school gets me into the gym where I filled up the jugs I had with water from the water fountain. If I were doing it again this year I would do almost the same thing but bring in a larger water container and an electric kettle.

  • Work with Pacer baseball high school coach, program and parent group to involve the high school players in this event. Consider new, fun ways to get players involved with the younger kids.

  • Work with Sponsorship and Uniforms coordinator to make sure all Sponsors are assigned to teams and their names appear on the hats

More notes:

There are some companies that will bill to the organization. Having a mailing address is handy. I used my own mailing address and delivered bills, etc to the treasurer. There are other companies and misc things like buying the concession items that need to be put on personal credit cards and reimbursed or have money requested ahead of time to buy.

Coach Resources Coordinator 

is a brand new position that we just added to our Council list. The position is relatively small, in that there's not a lot of time commitment here. The league is in the process of developing a "Coaches Manual", which will be several chapters from a Cal Ripken baseball training course that we're subscribing to. The manual will also include coach worksheets for drills, teaching procedures, etc. As Coach Resources Coordinator, you would be responsible for putting together a binder, that would be our Coaches Manual, and distribute to coaches. There may be other value added materials/information that could be passed along to coaches, as well. That's pretty much it!

Equipment Coordinator

this person would be responsible for making sure we had all necessary baseball equipment together prior to upcoming season, and put together, for passing out to coaches at coach equipment pickup day. This person would also be responsible for taking inventory of equipment, to make sure we have enough in working order, and ordering more, if needed. Lastly, this person would be responsible for setting up equipment pick up day after season is done, and making sure equipment gets put back in storage unit.