SLUGGERS - 1st Grade

Emphasis on Fun and Learning!!!!!

Sluggers: Sluggers Division is primarily made up of 1st graders, with some Kinders and some 2nd graders. The basic principal for the division is the next step from Tee Ball. Teams are formed according to schools and buddy requests are honored as best we can. Teams will be formed in mid March with games scheduled to begin 4/3/17 and season complete by 6/10/17.

Sluggers FAQs:

  • Smaller rosters 8-9 players maximum
  • Pitching: progress from coach pitch (augmented with tee) to machine pitch by year end
  • Outs registered....players return to bench
  • No Umpires (coaches at 1st & 3rd)
  • Bat entire line up
  • potential year end Tournament at West Linn
  • All games at Lakeridge Jr High Player Level - - we encourage you to sign your player(s) up according to the grade in which they are enrolled. In Sluggers/Rookies levels, skill level will be taken into account (however, keep in mind the FUN aspect of keeping the kids together). IF you desire your player to play either UP or DOWN based on your players' skills: please email the league with your request: CLICK HERE
  • Coaches: Please sign up early!! We will be holding new clinics for coaches and a renewed focus on core fundementals. The more coaches we can have sign up - the smaller the rosters. You don't have to sign up as a Head Coach, if you are unsure on your time available, platooning can be the best avenue at this age..... Please Register: Coaches Register Now
  • A complete listing of game rules and guidelines will be posted soon - to Register: Click Here