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Spring 2019 Format Update

September 3, 2018

Pacer Families --

Happy Labor Day to Pacer Youth Baseball Families! We hope this weekend finds you enjoying what is hopefully NOT the last of the summer weather. But while the weather is still good and Major League Baseball is still being played we wanted to give you a little preview of what we have planned for the 2019 season. We know that families have options and we thank you for choosing Pacer Youth Baseball for your spring youth sport of choice.

As you may know, PYB is a small program and as such we are constantly evaluating our format and often shift gears from year to year in order to best accomodate all of the kids in our program. As such we are making an adjustment for the 2019 season that is a little different from the last few years. This adjustment will continue to honor the shift to age-based leagues that we made this year and we hope will provide a strong competitive opportunity as well as a positive developmental recreation opportunity.

For all of the descriptions below, the age level is based on the player's age as of April 30, 2019. For example a player that is 12 years old as of 4/30/19 is eligible to play at 12u and above, this is regardless of their school grade level; a player that has his 13th birthday in April is NOT eligible for 12u but would play 13u.

JBO (14u & 13u):

The JBO Program is designed primarily for 14u and 13u players. This is usually our 7th & 8th graders. JBO is played on a traditional 90' diamond with full baseball rules. Players are rostered on teams based on talent and development following a tryouts. We strive to field a Federal team (A-level and traditionally 8th graders) and an American team (B-level and traditionally 7th graders). A National team (developmental) is only formed based on numbers and demand. We supply paid coaching for both the Federal and American teams.

New this year, JBO players will be expected to participate in training and practice sessions as early as January (prior to tryouts) with games running from April through July. We are also working with the Lakeridge High School coaching staff on possible "call ups" from 8th graders to the HS Futures summer team.

Players who are in the 7th grade but are 12u eligible as of 4/30/19 may elect to tryout for our Majors 70 Select level (new below) or at the JBO level.

Cal Ripken (12u - 9u):

The Cal Ripken program is for players at 12u down to 9u ages and is planned to be split at three levels. The Cal Ripken spring season will run from mid-March to the end of May. The Summer All-Star season will run from Memorial Day weekend through mid-July.

Majors 70 Select

This level will be for 12u and 11u players who desire to compete at a high level. While some of this is subject to change depending on the number and skill level of players that register, teams will be formed after tryouts where roughly the top 12 players at each of 12u and 11u will be chosen to form two blended teams that will compete in the spring not only against each other but against other area M70 teams. M70 is played on a 70' baseball diamond with more traditional baseball rules (dropped 3rd strikes, lead-offs, balks, etc).

Majors 60

This level will be for 12u and 11u players that are looking for a traditional spring baseball program; this is generally 5th and 6th graders. It is more recreation oriented and all players will be placed on teams after player evaluations. We will make all attempts to spread talent levels across all teams. M60 teams will play a spring schedule against each other as well as other area recreational M60 teams as the schedule allows. Depending on the level of demand, a summer tournament team may be formed from either 12u or 11u for summer tournament play. Majors 60 is played on a 60' diamond with modified baseball rules (no lead-offs, no dropped 3rd strikes, no balks).

Minors 60

This level is for 10u and 9u players of all skills; this will primarily be 3rd and 4th graders. Teams are formed of roughly equal talent levels following traditional player evaluations. Teams will play each other along with area Minors teams as the schedule allows. Summer All-Star teams will be formed based on demand at both the 10u and 9u levels for competitive tournament play. Minors 60 is played on a 60' diamond with modified baseball rules (kid pitch, no lead-offs, no dropped 3rd strikes, no balks).

Summer Sundays (12u - 9u)

We will continue to build on the Summer Sunday program from this last year. For players that desire to play summer All-Star baseball, we will run extended practices and other competitions on Sundays. It is excpected that all players at the M70 level would participate in Summer Sundays. There will be additional Summer Sunday opportunities for 9u and 10u players who are looking to prepare for summer All Star play. More details will come when registration opens in January.

Bambinos (8u and under):

The Bambino format will remain largely unchanged from previous years. It will generally breakdown as follows:

Rookies - 8u, generally 2nd graders; this level is played on a youth 60' diamond and players hit off of a pitching machine.

Sluggers - 7u, generally 1st graders; this level is played on a youth 60' diamond and coaches pitch to batters.

T-Ball - 6u, generally pre-k and kindergartners; this level is played on modified grass fields using a batting T.

For ALL age cut offs above, exceptions may be made based on the skill level of the individual player. For spring leagues players may be moved up or down primarily for the safety of themselves or other players. For the summer program players can ONLY be moved up in age groupings and will generally only "play up" if they are considered in the top 50% of skill at the UPPER age level they wish to play. As a matter of philosophy, PYB encourages all players to play at their lowest eligible age level. This allows them to develop along with their peers, it allows them to develop with a high level of confidence, and it gives their peer teams the best chance to succeed and develop alongside quality players.

Registration for ALL levels of play will open on/or about January 1, 2019 at Tryouts and evaluations will take place in February. Watch for a community meeting this fall and again in January to assist in answering any questions you might have. In the meantime feel free to contact any member of the PYB Board should you have any questions or PYB President, David Williams at

Thank you all for your continued support of Pacer Youth Baseball! We love the game of baseball and we love sharing it with the youth of the Lakeridge community.


PYB Board


PYB Diamond Sponsor:

PrimeLending, A PlainsCapital Company NMLS # 13649, Equal Housing Lender.

Diamond Sponsor:

PrimeLending, A PlainsCapital Company NMLS # 13649, Equal Housing Lender.

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