Pacer Youth Baseball

2016 Rookies Rules

It is PYBA's expectation that all coaches will follow the rules listed below. Any alterations to the rules listed, must be approved by the league coordinator.

1. Safety Rules

  1. All offensive players (hitter, base runners and on deck hitter) must wear helmet while on playing field.

  2. Only one on deck hitter is allowed to swing a bat. On deck hitter should warm up in a designated area. The "safety zone" area should be clearly marked or exist behind the backstop. A coach or designated parent must supervise the on deck area.

  3. Catchers must wear protective catcher's gear and a cup.

  4. Highly recommended: All players wear a cup.

  5. Base runners must avoid contact with fielders making a play on the ball or attempting to tag the runner. The fielder has the right away. The intent is to prevent collisions, however, good baseball fundamentals should be taught so that the runner does not run out of the baseline.

  6. Please instruct all batters not to throw the bats after they make contact. Early in the season, a parent should be designated to monitor.

  7. For fields without dugouts, create a designated area that all players sit in while waiting their turn to hit. All players must be seated on a bucket, blanket or roped off area, while the game is being played. Players should not be visiting with Mom/Dad, siblings or playing with friends away from the action. Build the team atmosphere through focus on teammates that are hitting.

2. General League Rules

  1. No official score is kept.

  2. An inning will immediately end when one of the following happens:

  • 3 outs

  • 5 runs

  • Everyone on the bench has hit.

  1. Rookies games will be 90 minutes. No new inning can be started 90 minutes after the start of the game.

  2. Typically, each game should last 5-6 innings.

  3. Players should be rotated each inning. Come prepared with a lineup so during the course of the season, each player will have the opportunity to play each position.

  4. Base coaches are used as umpires at first base and third base.

  5. There is no leading off and no stealing.

  6. Bases must be kept in their original position and not moved closer to the batter. 60' base path.

  7. Runners may advance 2 bases. No advancing on overthrows.

3. Hitting Rules

  1. Pitching machine must be placed approximately 3540feet away from home plate and set to throw pitches at 40 mph.

  2. The hitter will get 5 good pitches to hit the ball fairly. If he is not successful, he is considered out. (First Week - if a coach needs to throw 2-3 coach pitch balls - acceptable for first week)

  3. An at bat does not end on a foul ball including foul tip.

  4. There are no walks.

  5. A batted ball hitting the pitching machine or coming to rest under the pitching machine is considered a dead ball single. Pitcher should not enter area surrounding pitching machine. Circle the machine with chalk if possible.

4. Fielding Rules

  1. 10 players are to play in the field. The 10th player (rover) can be used in the outfield.

  2. Only one pitcher is allowed.

5. Suggested Resources

  1. Website instantly creates fair defensive lineups for your team. Allows Manager to block certain players from pitcher or first base if safety is an issue.